To be or not to be?

Or actually I should say- To be mad or not to be mad? Now that is the question of my moment.
I’ll back up. J loves being the one to go in and get E. They giggle at each other most times which is so cute that I allow it most of the time.
However when E is only one hour into his two hour nap and J decides to go into E’s room instead of the bathroom to go Potty, I get this question running through my head. I am mad that J woke E up early (which means a very cranky toddler come dinner-making-hour). Oh and may I add that E probably needed every bit of that longer naptime as teething has messed with his nighttime sleep. But I am not mad because it means J loves E so much that he wanted to go play with him early.
Right now I won’t be mad. E fortunately woke up in a semi-decent mood though when crankiness starts I have every right to change my mind. I guess I could use this extra hour of awake time to go run an errand or two. Maybe. Eh, probably not. Let em play.


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