To say that Husband is not a planner is an understatement. He likes to just drive and find a hotel where we end up. He calls it relaxing.
I on the other hand like to plan. I like having a final destination hotel and an idea of what we are going to do each day. I like finding the good deals to keep budget in check while still having lots to do. To me, I get more excited about doing things and about the vacation in general.
So as you can imagine this can cause some disagreement when planning a vacation. We each have to give a little bit, but we both want it our way. So when we agreed on taking boys to Disneyland, we then had to start making compromises. I wanted to get hotel, tickets, reservations to shows (for best seats so boys can actually see), and plan what rides boys and I could go on. While Husband wanted to not plan out any of the days and just go with the flow.
Compromise ended up as such: I “won” by getting hotel and tickets reserved through AAA (for my budget and planning wants) and the nighttime show reservations can be made (for best seats). Then Husband “won” by having the rest of the Disney days and our drive back stop unplanned. He keeps changing his mind from Pismo Beach, to Morro Bay, to driving straight home to relax there.
All this being said we both are getting excited for vacation in our own way. I get to have an hotel planned out and get excited about each of the planned nighttime shows. While Husband gets to get excited about relaxing and not having a daytime schedule. We both are excited just to be enjoying family time.

Edit note: I tried to get reserved seats for one of the shows and they are all sold out for the dates that we are there. They suggested we give the kids a nap so they can stay up for the 10:15 PM show- I think not! So it looks like if we want to see it we will have to either camp out with J and E for a good seat or just try to view the show from whereever we can. Sigh! This is why I like organizing and planning ahead. So we can have the best without the frustrations or stress. Oh well. I guess this too will pass and I am sure we will have a good time anyways.


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