Where did he learn this?

When J asked for milk, I said ok and started to get up from where I sat playing with E. Evidently I didn’t move fast enough for J and this is what I found when I turned the corner into the kitchen:



Both Husband and I think its completely gross to drink straight from carton. For me it’s the crusty milk on edge and un-sanitaryness of it. For Husband, he just can’t do straight milk (he can only take milk with cereal or in his protein shake). So we really have no idea where the heck J learned that it is okay to drink straight from the carton….But this makes us wonder what our future holds when J reaches the teen years!


Test run complete

I drove with the boys about a hour and a half down to see a friend. I hadn’t seen her since her wedding in June and we finally got our schedules to allow it. I was kinda nervous about how J would be giving me warning time on the drive and at a strange place. But…..
He did amazing! He told me that he had to go just as E finally fell asleep for his nap and as I drove passed an exit ramp and waited patiently as we drove to the nearest exit with a safe restroom. He made it to restroom with no accident to report.
Then, while we were visiting, J told me each time he had to go even though it was like every 30min due to all the water he drank on the way. J told me with plenty of warning and went confidently each time.
This means my test run of driving, warning time, and J’s Potty trained abilities was a huge success. He did so well I think the only think left to get is nighttime dryness-which for the record he has been for 2wks  (aside from 1night where he woke up in sweat and crying). I can’t believe J is really going on 1 whole month of being diaper free! He will definitely be so self-bathroom-going-sufficient if he goes to preschool next year.

When I least expect it

I had a long day yesterday-it started out good with plans of a park playdate. But trying to get J to understand that he had to wear socks with his shoes to avoid his overwhelmingly stinky feet and that he had to go Potty before we could leave, I ended up dealing with a tantrum. I went to swing J up so I could carry him upstairs, like I usually do, I felt a sharp intense pain in my low back (which for the record I have had problems with on and off since high school). I dropped myself and J onto the landing. I couldn’t move. I ended up making J think it was a game to crawl upstairs to Potty.
Anyways we went to the park as planned and then later went grocery shopping (what?! Hurt back or not we needed food). I thought being active would keep my back loose to hopefully ease pain. It did just that until 6:30p. My back tightened up bad and I was nearly in tears putting kids to bed.So later when I called Husband to tell him I was going to bed, he offered to pick up a heat wrap thing. I wasn’t sure but realized later my back will be beyond tight if I tried to drive to Fresno without one-so I accepted his offer. Now Husband is amazing but romantic gesters are far and few in between. I am not complaining;in fact I kinda like it that way because then when I least expect it, this happens:


It means more. It means he went out of his way to show how much he cares. I love him 🙂 and so does my back.

Why do moms feel the need

I am just as guilty as the next mom. But when I noticed today another mom doing it, I just felt bad for her. What was she doing you may ask? Well she was making an excuse. Yup that’s it. I hated seeing the judgement from the other lady that led to the excuse being made.
So here is the situation: I am next in check out line at Target around 11a. My two little ones were distracted with their snack containers. There was a lady behind me and then came a mom with a maybe 18-24month old son. The young mom’s son started to whimper-not a full cry but definitely letting the mom know he was no longer happy in his stroller. I couldn’t believe what happened next-well I can. I just don’t get why. The woman behind me in line looked at the poor bored toddler and then gave the mom a “why don’t you do something to shut your kid up” look! Then the mom did what a lot of moms end up doing…she gave the “he is late for his morning nap” excuse. The lady seemed satisfied with this excuse and turned back towards me.
I don’t get why we, as moms, feel the need to justify our kids behavior to strangers. A newborn hungry or a toddler delayed nap or whatever it may be. If that is the real reason, fine. But what if we said what the problem really was? “He is bored out of his mind cause I had to drag him away from his toys to get toilet paper”. Or maybe “I am making him walk like a big boy rather than carrying him like a baby when I am pregnant”. Or even maybe “I am trying to teach my son that he can’t have the candy/toy that displayed at his eye level just because he throws a tantrum”. What kind of reaction do you think would come then? I guess as a mom I feel the need to make the excuse of tired or hungry so I get left alone and they who judge can go back to their own business.
I now make a point if a frustrated mom passes me in a store and starts to make the excuse, I just smile, point to J & E, and tell them it is ok cause I have been there and still doing it.
So for all those who judge a crying baby…stop. Either you don’t understand or you have forgotten that babies, toddlers, and kids just can get cranky and whine. Adults get cranky too but have the vocabulary and ability to make it better.
Ok, rant over.


I really don’t know what I am doing. Am I getting it right or is he totally going to blindsided? I mean I have to actually think about doing it. Before it just didn’t need to be done.

I am talking about preparing J for the new baby. When I was pregnant with E, J was just too young to really do any preparing. E is pretty much at the same place as that- no real preparing can be done. I am sure J knew and E knows something is up. I mean the growing belly doesn’t exactly say “everything is staying the same”.

However J is getting old enough now that I have to think about how to prepare him for the new baby. When he touches my belly I tell him about the baby. I have pulled out both boys’ baby books and showed them to him. I tell him when he jumps at me or tries to playfully push me over that I can’t because he has to be gentle with baby.  This is the only thing I can think of doing. Also as the day gets closer I will find books on new baby in the house/big brother.

I think something is sinking in though. It was so incredibly cute the other day. J got off the potty in the morning and I told him- as our usual routine- to go into his room and pick out underwear and clothes. We went to his room and he got dressed. BUT then out of the blue, J gives me a hug and says “I hug baby”! I laughed and told him that he would have to hug mommy lower if he wanted to hug the baby. So J hugged my belly, smiled, and again said “I hug baby”. I gave him a hug back and said thank you.

It wasn’t just this one time either. J has repeated this “hug baby” many times. And yesterday, J did even more. He came over, sat down on my lap, and rubbed my belly! He then told me he was touching baby. I thanked him for being so nice and gentle with the baby. He smiled and repeated “I touch baby”.

I don’t know what the heck I am doing. I am just really, really hoping that I am preparing J in the best way for him. I am waiting for the moment that J happens to rub or touch my swelling belly that the baby kicks. I hope he and E connect the same way with the baby as they have over the past 16 months.

I think I can

I haven’t wanted to say it out loud or even think it for that matter. I was afraid I might get my hopes up and then something will happen to dash them down again. BUT I think I can say out now without fear…
J is officially Potty trained!
J is 3 weeks diaper free (which has had a huge impact on the number of diapers we go through). He is 1 week with no accidents-at home and in public. We were able to go out last Wednesday for lunch and shopping with no accident to report. Yesterday at church J told me he had to “big Potty” with enought warning time to get things gathered up and get both boys shuffled to bathroom! Oh and he has stretches of night time dryness too. He is currently in a 4 night dry run right now-i had to throw the Pull-up away due to it being so tattered!
Now vacation will be the ultimately test with the 6 hour drive and waiting in lines. I kinda think he will be ok though. My pregnancy bladder has me going a lot and if I take J with me every time I have to go then he will have plenty of opprotunities to go.
I seriously can’t believe how smoothly it went after all the stress of attempting a year ago. I have learned my lesson and I will let E guide me rather trying to force it.

A change in mess

Normally when I am writing a post about messy faced eating I would be writing about E. After all he is still learning how to eat less like a caveman with utensils. However I found out the other day that there are just some things J can’t eat without getting a bit messy! Take the chocolate covered ice cream he stole from me which wasn’t nice as that was the last one and I was craving something sweet.
J looks innocence enough eating it:
But look at this smile when I pouted cause he didn’t want to share: