Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. She deserves only the best,but since I am across the country from her-this little note is for her….
My mom taught me many things as I grew up. I learned that having a stay-at-home-mom creates a safe haven to run to. She would be the one giving out compassion for our big falls only if bleeding or broken, showing us that little bumps and bruises are not worth the tears they slow you done from the fun you could be having, and giving us courage to go on.
My mom listened when I went through the teen-self-over-analyzing and built me up to have confidence in what God gave me. She understood the importance of homecoming, prom, and friends in a teenager’s mind. When I had my first break-up, she was the one sending a card telling me it was acceptable to be hurt and cry and that it would be ok. She was proud of my accomplishments and helped me through my problems.
My mom taught me through actions that a woman can be independent but still be half of a happily married couple. She showed me how it can be difficult when husbands work long hours, but it is do-able.
Now, my mom is someone I can call to vent, seek advice on situations, and even boast about what the kids did even if  insignificant to the rest of the world.
So, Mom, thank you for everything you ever taught me. I continue to learn from you as the days/years go on. But, today I only want to wish you the happiest birthday!


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