Mommy fail

I know everyone has those days where they are just in a funk, but as a mommy it can turn bad quickly.
Last night it got pretty cold for CA (49degreesF). J came into our bedroom around 2a. Instead of doing his usual crawling on top of me to sleep in our bed telling me he had to go Potty, he just laid down next to the bed. I gave it twenty minutes before I asked him if he needed to use the Potty. He said yes; I took him in and he went. I asked him if he was ready to go back to bed and he nodded. He then started coughing and sneezing like crazy. So I got up and went into bathroom with only my cell phone flashlight to search for the honey cough suppressent and a tissue. By the time I got him comfy and actually able to fall asleep, it was 3a. J then took comfort in crowding snuggling me all night
Needless to say I didn’t get a good nights sleep. Add being pregnancy thus limited to the amount of wake-me-up caffinated coffee and J’s doesn’t-feel-good-but-can’t-express-it tantrum, I didn’t start on a good note in the morning.
My mommy fail….I had such a short patience level with whining that J spent more than a normal amount of time in time out. I know I should have been more understanding that J still wasn’t feeling good. But the whining was killing me.
So I am sitting here pleading praying that J has a better night tonight so I can catch up on sleep and be more patient tomorrow…cause I don’t like feeling of mommy fails like that. (I make plenty of fails that I don’t need that one on top of the rest).


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