Itchy crawly feeling

I don’t hate spiders-after all they get rid of flies and mosquitoes. I don’t go running from a room to get Husband because of a spider.But if a spider decides that my house is a good place to reside, he is wrong. I will smash him quick…
I don’t like to admit it as my dad lectured taught me how to take care of a yard, but I have let the backyard become an overgrown mess since I got lazy the belly. Well I don’t know if nesting hormones got a little hyper but I decided that I would take care of backyard clean up today. I managed to get a planter cleaned up and vines thinned out, our dog’s poop mostly scooped up before I got mad at her for pooping so much that I got a blister on my finger from holding the scooper handle, and the patio area washed down. That is where I stopped not entirely because I was exhausted, but because of the itchy, crawly feeling I got after I killed 5 HUGE black spiders. I was washing the underneath of the kids picnic table and I couldn’t believe how ginormous the spiders were that had decided my kids table a good place to live.
So I quit until the itchy, crawly feeling goes away and a good overnight freezing occurs that kills all those crawly insects. Until then my dad isn’t allowed in my backyard to judge my backyard will just become more overgrown. Who knows maybe when the insect-killing-freeze happens, it will kill all the weeds too. Well I can wish can’t I?!


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