Hoarder future?

E is a collector in nice words…. or a hoarder in bad sense. He will gather as many magnets in his hands and carry them around (of course spilling them all over living room floor). He will take handfuls of dominos and walk proudly around with them.
But his latest “hoarding” is stuffed animals. To go to bed he has a bear, a Donald Duck (not seen in picture), a Pooh bear, and his bear blanket. Yup, all around him. See….
It is cute most of the time. He tends to carry Pooh bear around everywhere downstairs and then bear blanket upstairs. He has had blanket downstairs but it just ends up too gross (he won’t let it go if it ends up downstairs, so it goes to dinner table-enough said).
So, please tell me this is a phase, right? I don’t want to have to do an intervention for hoarding as a teen or adult.

One thought on “Hoarder future?

  1. So the pictures of E in the crib… The teddy bear’s foot of at the right angle that if you look quickly it looks like E has a tattoo. Minor heart attack in my cube

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