Brotherly love

I worried while pregnant with E. I was stressed that J and E might not get along or that it would be constant fighting-after all two siblings that close in age will like the same toys. What if they didn’t ever develop a close bond?
Well, there is fighting over toys-especially anything Thomas the train. There are moments that they do not get along and have to be separated. But overall, J and E have such a love for each other. They love giving hugs and kisses to each other. J gives E a hug and kiss and E waves bye as I take E to bed for the night. If E needs a diaper change, J is right there trying to wipe and “help”.
Whether a day at the park:
Or hanging out at home:
My boys certainly have brotherly love….Now I can relax and stress that this next little one is as accepted, loved, and adored by J and E.


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