Waiting game

Now that we are within the last two weeks before due date the intense waiting game has started.
Strangers ask how much longer and when I tell them, I receive either an “almost there” or “please don’t go into labor right here” comments. Acquaintances ask if I am done yet (um, obviously not if I don’t have a baby in my arms and still have this enormous bump!). Friends and family are anxious to get the news.
I am not so much anxious but just excited about meeting our little one. I can’t wait to see how our family dynamic changes. The only things I worry (and have worried from very beginning) is having another big baby and going over due date. E was a chunk without any hint of gestational diabetes (which tend to lead to big babies if you didn’t know). So, I am really nervous on how big this baby might be cooking up to be. I am also very worries about going over due date. Along the big baby lines, more time baking means more chunk building time. But more than that, I don’t want to have a chance of having baby or being in hospital missing J’s birthday.
But of course we don’t know when this little baby will decide to join us. So the waiting game continues.


Special moment

An awesome, amazing moment happened last night….no, we didn’t end up at hospital, our little one is still baking away. It never happened with J or E. So this pregnancy gets to have its own distinctive special moment.
While in bed last night, I was trying to massage a lower stomach cramp away when the baby started moving almost to say “mom, your messing up my space mojo”. I mentioned it to Husband and he laughed. Then the baby got hiccups. These hiccups could be felt pretty much right in the same spot. I told Husband to put his hand there if he wanted to feel all the movement. Then the special moment…Husband never felt the rhythmically spasms of hiccups before! He looked at me and said he could feel a heartbeat-like movement. When I told him that it was hiccups his whole face lit up. He sat there with his hand on my stomach with a huge grin. It was so cute. He couldn’t believe that he was feeling what he was feeling. I am even going to record it in my pregnancy scrapbook because it only happened with this pregnancy.
It was such an amazing moment…but I am ready have the best moment of pregnancy. I want to see and hold our little one already. Husband even said it doesn’t seem like we ate going to have a baby in the next few weeks because I don’t seem miserable like I was at the end with E. I teased him I wasn’t but if it made it more real for him I could turn up the complaining. He didn’t like that idea, lol.


I know…couple days late for that. I mean people are focused now on getting best deal on holiday gifts.
However I would like to just share a little project I did with the boys for the center piece at our table. J and E each let me outline their hands. I cut out each hand in three fall colors. J then helped me glue the hands to a pinecone. I added funny eyes, beak, and classic turkey neck gobbler skin. J couldn’t get enough. He was telling everyone at dinner that it was made of pinecone and hands.

Simple joys

I kept going back and forth if I should give it as birthday or Christmas gift; or maybe when baby was born and non-baby-safe toys had to be moved upstairs…
I decided to give it as a random surprise (so I could clean bathrooms without toddlers interested in “helping” with cleaning supplies). A few weeks ago I managed to get a pretty big rug for in one of the boy’s rooms. The rug is the style that has roads so stories could be imagined with their many, many matchbox cars.
To say J was excited was an understatement. He played there all morning. He even got upset when I pulled him away for lunch! After dinner and bathtime, J went straight back to “roads” as he calls it.
I think this was a good find. I think it will be great when baby is born. J and E can play with cars and the road rug while I relax in the chair that is there with the baby.

Two for one

Don’t worry I am not giving my kids away. This is a two parter post. Neither topic consumes a whole post so I am squishing them into one.
Part one:
E had another tooth poke through this past week. We are now up to 11 teeth-with yet another creating sensitive gums right now. His little smile is so cute and filling in awesomely (I know not a real word, but it should be).
Part two:
J hit another milestone today. I had been slightly concerned as pediatrician said most kids get it by the time they turn three and we are fast approaching his third birthday. J was able to peddle his tricycle today! He had been just pushing with his feet and scooting to get where he wanted to go. But today while E napped, I encouraged him to try to use the pedals. And he did! I was so excited. Now I might take the bike to a park or something so he can get more practice than he would pedaling the very short length of our kitchen.
So this post was pretty much just bragging, but it’s my blog so I get to. I can’t believe how fast these boys are growing up. Milestone after milestone keep getting surpassed. But instead of dwelling on how fast it is going, I am going to keep taking a ton of pictures to remember all this toddler craziness and look forward to kid craziness.

Freaking myself out

I know I have been posting a lot on pregnancy here lately. Well, J is doing so well Potty training that there isn’t any good blog-worthy stories right now. E just got his 11th tooth so we are preparing for #12 and the crankiness that goes with it. And really the end of this pregnancy is fast approaching so it seems to dominate my thoughts.
I am about 36.5weeks (out of 40 in case you don’t know or forgot). Last night I was talking to Husband and noted that J was born at 37.5weeks. He just looked at me and said, “Wow. We could have a baby literally any day now”. Yup I am only 7 days off of where I was when I had J. I am not prepared. Hospital bag- nope, not even close to being packed. Nesting-I had a little bout Thursday when I moved J’s solid oak dresser around his room, moved a full size box spring upstairs, and set up his solid oak bed frame…oh ya, all by myself. But cleaning part of nesting-not at all. I know I need to before Thanksgiving and a house full of family-and I pray that it will stay halfway clean until baby.
So now I am freaked out that I am under prepared for such a huge change in not only my life but in the whole family dynamic. Oh and that is could be as seriously ANY day now.

So this is what it feels like

I forgot what this feeling was. It was been nearly three years. I kinda miss it. But sadly I have a feeling it is like a solar eclipse, that because it is so rare you just stare in wonder and amazement.
And now you’re probably going, just shut up and tell us what happen. No, it wasn’t the baby being born. It was the fact that I actually had my body clock wake me up. No little feet into my back. No pushing on my body with requests to go potty. And lastly no cries, whines, or annoying sounds made in attempts to be fed as soon as their get up. I was able to open my eyes, stretch out, roll over as gracefully as a 36 week pregnant lady can (which isn’t very graceful at all), and take amazement at the time the clock read.
So now I debate. Do I get up and take a shower before all the requests, whines, and other sounds start? Or do I relax in bed enjoying this peace while I can?
Scratch that….as I finish writing that, J is smiling at me as he pulls his blanket and cart of cars down the hallway so our room to start the day.