Where has time gone?

Holy crap! Can I start by saying that this pregnancy has seem to have flown by. We are down to a mere 6-freaking-weeks until this little one’s due date. I mean if this baby follows in J’s “footsteps” and is 2.5 weeks early, we could be welcoming our new addition the weekend after Thanksgiving! Of course, if E is the role model we have the whole 6 weeks.
Right now I kind of have a surreal feeling. I know this baby is coming and coming fast. However I feel like there is absolutely no rush. We still are nowhere near having a name picked out (Husband keeps saying it is too hard for him to talk names when we don’t know a gender-so name list will most likely get packed into hospital bag).
Also, I am getting nervous on how I am going to handle all three kids-and the busiest time of the year. I am starting to make lists to try and pace myself. What needs to be cleaned and organized. What family and friends are getting for Christmas. And how to celebrate J’s birthday so he gets to have that special day amongst all the new baby and holiday craziness.
I know it will all happen whether or not my cabinets are clean. Family will understand if gifts are not right on time. I just pray that this little one is healthy, J & E continue to be their happy selves, and that Husband gets a least a little time off to enjoy the beginning of our expanded family. 


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