No idea

I posted here how people in general think that this little one is a girl. It really hasn’t change. Strangers in stores will stop me to ask if it’s a girl. Honestly I just think it is funny now.
What I really find even more interesting is that women tend to push a bit more for my “intuition” on what it might be. I really have no inclination either way. Funny story with that as recounted by Husband. I was asleep when he came from work one night and he woke me to tell me he was home. I guess I got mad-not at him for waking me- but because my dream I was having was decorating the baby’s nursery. Husband asked why I would be mad for that dream. Evidently (I don’t remember any of this conversation) I was mad because the dream nursery’s theme was rubber ducks and couldn’t have been more gender neutral. I stated (again don’t remember any of this) that I was mad that even my subconscious wasn’t sure of what the gender is! Husband laughed and reminded me it was my choice to not find out.
To add to that, I took a quiz online for fun the other day that would predict gender based on wives tales. I started laughing when the results page came up: 50/50. Not even wives tales can predict the gender of this little one. God has made it a complete surprise. I am excited and anxious all in one.


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