What not to say

I am very pregnant. With only 5 weeks left to due date, my belly shows it. While I, of course have gained it elsewhere, am mostly belly. Think beach ball. I have to deal with my belly being so out in front that even maternity shirts may not cover it all. I have carried pretty much all three kids this way. And compared to relatively flat-ish stomach before, this 8month belly will seem even bigger.
While I know all of this, it is still hard to put on any face other than irritated when I get the comments no pregnant woman wants to ever hear…
What not to say to any hormonal so she might bite your head off pregnant woman:
* “are you sure there aren’t twins in there?” Unless she has said that she is expecting twins, assume it is a single baby.
* “you look like your ready to pop” or “you are never going to make it”. In case you don’t remember correctly, pregnancy lasts 40weeks. That is a long time. The woman already knows her due date is approaching, you don’t need to tell her.
*“could you be any bigger?” Or “are you sure you’re feeding enough to that baby?” Either way, this could get you hit. It doesn’t matter the belly is big or small. You never say that stuff. Every woman-heck every pregnancy- is carried different. Don’t make a hormonal woman feel even more self-conscious than she already does.
* And lastly even though it doesn’t have to do with belly size, it still is something you shouldn’t ever say to pregnant woman…“Were you trying?” Or “Was this an oops?”…I had my kids close together. J and E are 16months apart. E and this little one will be about 19.5months apart. Other people like their kids farther apart in age. To each her own. So before you make this comment, realize how insensitive the label “an oops” is and if a couple was trying that was a personal decision. You have no right to judge.

So this may seem like I am being just another hormonal pregnant woman that is ranting. Well I have that right! I got the “twins” comment with every single pregnancy. I just got it again today.
So I give this as a piece of advice from a “woman in the trenches”. When you see a pregnant woman, don’t comment on anything but how good she looks. Or if she does look close to “pop”, just ask how long she has left or if she needs any help in these last few weeks/months.


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