Nap boycott

I am going slightly nuts. E at a mere 18months has decided that he is going to boycott his nap. He ends up a cranky clingy monster by bathtime. It isn’t fun.
So now the questions run through my head: Is another tooth coming in? But that hasn’t affected it before. Is he needing to transition to toddler bed already? But then am I really prepared for the inevitable fight of staying in bed-no. J already is doing that fight. Am I expecting him to sleep more than he really needs anymore? After all he does sleep from 6:30p to 7:30a.
So I think my game plan is to adjust his bedtime back a bit and still try for a nap. Maybe less sleep at night will lead to daytime nap to refresh (and lead to less cranky clingy-ness). If that doesn’t work then I don’t know what to do. I am not ready to give up his naptime too.

edit: After he fell so fast asleep-like rapid eye movement deep sleep- and I tried to put him in his crib, I spent the past hour of E crying (going in every 7-10 and re-laying him down) and fighting sleep. This comes after the no nap day. God seriously needs to help this mommy cause her nerves are fried.


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