Handprint fall wreath

My boys love doing art projects. More specifically they love paint. Any time I pull out the paints-or even if they happen to see them in the closet as I put clean sheets away- they go a little nuts.
J has become obsessed. He always is asking to paint his hands to make prints-like to the point that is the only thing he does with paint if he gets control of it. E will do the brush it out in random lines. Not J, it’s all about the handprints.
Anyways, I like doing these types of art projects with them as the tiny hands and feet don’t stay tiny for all that long so I try to get it all in and done while I can. So I pulled out “fall” colored paints and we got to painting. I incorporated silk leaves to add to the fall look. This now hangs in the window next to the front door:
Sorry for the horrible window glare-took the picture after it had been hung up.


One thought on “Handprint fall wreath

  1. I got confused thinking you don’t have a window in your front door. Turns out reading the whole thing spares confusion 🙂

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