Play by play

I admit it. I probably shouldn’t  but I do it anyways. I can’t justify it other than it works-and it keeps them more safe.
My failure is I sometimes use the tv/a movie as a distraction while I cook. I tend to do this when I know I will be opening the oven a lot or or if the stove will splatter too much. I figure if they are distracted in the living room then there is a less likelihood of them trying to touch hot oven or getting splatter burns from flying grease.
I have noticed though as J has an increasing vocabulary and comprehension of the storyline, I will get a “play by play” of the show/movie. For example he was starting to watch Toy Story 3 and this is what I heard:
“Mom, train”-leave to continue watching-“mom, woody off train…mom, tracks broken….mom, oh no! What happen to train….mom, buzz!….mom, buzz car….mom, dinosaur…mom, pig…mom, oh no buzz. The monkeys!”
For those who haven’t seen it the hundreds of times like I have, the storyline J was telling me was: opening with a train and woody and Mr potato head fighting. Mrs potato knocks woody off train. Woody is saved by Jessie and Bullseye so Potato heads blow up trains tracks ahead and then jump into getaway barbie car. Woody tries to stop train but train goes off tracks into valley below. Buzz saves train. Buzz uses laser to cut getaway car in half. Woody, buzz and Jessie confront Potato heads who call for doubly-force field-dog. Woody calls out Rex- force field eating dinosaur. Then Ham-evil Dr pork chop-pig comes in saves Potato heads and then drops a “monkeys in a barrel” bomb. Sorry if I just ruined the beginning for anyone.
It is wonderful to see J comprehending the storyline enough to tell me. It is even more amazing that he is able to tell me hours later and/or play out the story with his own toys. J is growing up so fast and is just becoming this intense sponge learning more and more everyday.
So if you were ever to come and be a fly on our walls, be prepared to hear a play by play of whatever J might be watching. 🙂


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