As you know, I have worried about J’s talking before. Now that he is talking like crazy-in some cases too much- I am on to my next worry. I know he is still learning words to add to vocabulary but the mispronunciation is corrected in the future right? I don’t want him to be made fun of because he doesn’t pronounce a word correctly. I had a friend in high school that swore up and down he was saying “three” when he was actually saying “tree”. So I ask you. Will these get corrected or will I be prayerfully sending my boy out hoping he won’t get made fun of?
“Mom, it’s too type”…seat belt harness was pinching too tight.
“Whoa, it is slippers”…socks made floor slippery.
“Duck fire engine”…fireman duck bath spout cover
And of course the one that makes it hard for Husband not to laugh and makes me say it the correctly really loud so people don’t think my toddler is swearing: “bad-ass” for Thomas (the train). I will even over-anunciate “tom-is” and J’s response is “tommmm-bad-ass”.
Sigh. Guess the parent worry continues.


One thought on “Words

  1. I recall one young girl always saying miles-pern-hour….sound familiar? anyway, just keep on saying the words correctly and when your kids get to preschool/kindergarten age make sure you have their hearing and speach checked out. There are all kinds of great programs to help correct problems so they don’t become high school teases.

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