So this is what it feels like

I forgot what this feeling was. It was been nearly three years. I kinda miss it. But sadly I have a feeling it is like a solar eclipse, that because it is so rare you just stare in wonder and amazement.
And now you’re probably going, just shut up and tell us what happen. No, it wasn’t the baby being born. It was the fact that I actually had my body clock wake me up. No little feet into my back. No pushing on my body with requests to go potty. And lastly no cries, whines, or annoying sounds made in attempts to be fed as soon as their get up. I was able to open my eyes, stretch out, roll over as gracefully as a 36 week pregnant lady can (which isn’t very graceful at all), and take amazement at the time the clock read.
So now I debate. Do I get up and take a shower before all the requests, whines, and other sounds start? Or do I relax in bed enjoying this peace while I can?
Scratch that….as I finish writing that, J is smiling at me as he pulls his blanket and cart of cars down the hallway so our room to start the day.


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