Freaking myself out

I know I have been posting a lot on pregnancy here lately. Well, J is doing so well Potty training that there isn’t any good blog-worthy stories right now. E just got his 11th tooth so we are preparing for #12 and the crankiness that goes with it. And really the end of this pregnancy is fast approaching so it seems to dominate my thoughts.
I am about 36.5weeks (out of 40 in case you don’t know or forgot). Last night I was talking to Husband and noted that J was born at 37.5weeks. He just looked at me and said, “Wow. We could have a baby literally any day now”. Yup I am only 7 days off of where I was when I had J. I am not prepared. Hospital bag- nope, not even close to being packed. Nesting-I had a little bout Thursday when I moved J’s solid oak dresser around his room, moved a full size box spring upstairs, and set up his solid oak bed frame…oh ya, all by myself. But cleaning part of nesting-not at all. I know I need to before Thanksgiving and a house full of family-and I pray that it will stay halfway clean until baby.
So now I am freaked out that I am under prepared for such a huge change in not only my life but in the whole family dynamic. Oh and that is could be as seriously ANY day now.


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