Two for one

Don’t worry I am not giving my kids away. This is a two parter post. Neither topic consumes a whole post so I am squishing them into one.
Part one:
E had another tooth poke through this past week. We are now up to 11 teeth-with yet another creating sensitive gums right now. His little smile is so cute and filling in awesomely (I know not a real word, but it should be).
Part two:
J hit another milestone today. I had been slightly concerned as pediatrician said most kids get it by the time they turn three and we are fast approaching his third birthday. J was able to peddle his tricycle today! He had been just pushing with his feet and scooting to get where he wanted to go. But today while E napped, I encouraged him to try to use the pedals. And he did! I was so excited. Now I might take the bike to a park or something so he can get more practice than he would pedaling the very short length of our kitchen.
So this post was pretty much just bragging, but it’s my blog so I get to. I can’t believe how fast these boys are growing up. Milestone after milestone keep getting surpassed. But instead of dwelling on how fast it is going, I am going to keep taking a ton of pictures to remember all this toddler craziness and look forward to kid craziness.


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