Special moment

An awesome, amazing moment happened last night….no, we didn’t end up at hospital, our little one is still baking away. It never happened with J or E. So this pregnancy gets to have its own distinctive special moment.
While in bed last night, I was trying to massage a lower stomach cramp away when the baby started moving almost to say “mom, your messing up my space mojo”. I mentioned it to Husband and he laughed. Then the baby got hiccups. These hiccups could be felt pretty much right in the same spot. I told Husband to put his hand there if he wanted to feel all the movement. Then the special moment…Husband never felt the rhythmically spasms of hiccups before! He looked at me and said he could feel a heartbeat-like movement. When I told him that it was hiccups his whole face lit up. He sat there with his hand on my stomach with a huge grin. It was so cute. He couldn’t believe that he was feeling what he was feeling. I am even going to record it in my pregnancy scrapbook because it only happened with this pregnancy.
It was such an amazing moment…but I am ready have the best moment of pregnancy. I want to see and hold our little one already. Husband even said it doesn’t seem like we ate going to have a baby in the next few weeks because I don’t seem miserable like I was at the end with E. I teased him I wasn’t but if it made it more real for him I could turn up the complaining. He didn’t like that idea, lol.


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