Trials of boys

I always knew that my boys will end up bumped, bruised, and cut up at one point or another. This is, well, because they are boys. But it is also because if they are anything like I was as a kid, then my future holds boxes and boxes of band-aids. I just didn’t know that it would start so soon…
Yesterday, while I folded laundry in the living room, I heard E take a tumble in the kitchen. Normally this is no big deal except this fall was followed by J saying “uh oh mom. E got an owie”. E must have slipped on the floor and fell head first into the cabinet hinge. Yup. He had a huge knot and cut on his forehead. He cried a bit and then went on playing.
But then add in last night and we had a day full of bumps and cuts. J slid off our bed on his way to Potty, but slid a little too fast. He lost control and momentum won. His top teeth bit down into his lower lip. Blood was oozing and tears were falling. Luckily the cut was shallow and responded well to the ice. He just ended up with a fat-ish lip with a purple red bruise. J showed Husband first thing in the morning. “Look dad. Owie.”
So after a couple good tumbles I am now preparing myself for the many, many trials that these boys are going to bring us in the future.


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