We are going to be the ones others hate

Husband and I have decided that we are not going to intentionally try to get our kids to believe in Santa. If they believe a couple years, great. But the moment they ask us if he is real, the truth will be said. We intend to tell them that Santa is a tradition that many people have.
We will explain to them how some believe the tradition started. We also will encourage them to learn about how different cultures have different versions of this tradition. Like in Finland instead of stockings, they leave shoes outside their door to be filled with goodies. Or in Puerto Rico, children leave hay out for the Wise Men’s camels instead of cookies.
Husband and I also want our kids to learn at a young age-whatever it may be- that the gifts under the tree are from Mom and Dad. Dad works hard for long hours to be able to bless them with so much. To us, Santa just gives the illusion that these gifts magically appear with no expense except for a fat man being out on a freezing night.
But most of all, Husband and I want to make sure our kids truly focus on Christ as the reason for all the celebration….
So parents of future classmates and friends of J, E, and baby, we give you fair warning that our kids may be the ones that spoil it for your kids. We might also add that we may or may not tell our kids about the tooth fairy. Go ahead, say that we are taking the fun of magic away from them. We are just doing what we think is best for our kids.


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