Oh this isn’t fair God

I knew I would be sleep deprived when the baby arrived, but this is so not fair. Last night I was “blessed” with my body preparing otherwise known as painful but irregular so no resulting in baby contractions for about 3 hours. When they finally stopped at midnight I was able to start to sleep. Then baby-smushed bladder woke me at 2a; followed by Pippy our dog desperately needing her own potty break at 3a. My bladder again at 4:30a. And finally J’s bladder and body clock deciding that 5:30a was an excellent time to be up for the day.
I am exhausted. I just want sleep. But that will have to wait until tonight when hopefully both boys are peacefully asleep, my bladder is empty, and my uterus isn’t busily preparing for a baby that is quite content staying in his/her fetal apartment. Sigh. God this is so not fair.

Ps- I know this is just the start of many months of not sleeping,but I at least want the baby here so I can have a cute face to look at and know it is worth being sleep deprived.


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