Not for weak stomachs

For those who haven’t had kids or been around newborns, be fair warned. Parenting is not for the weak stomach…Newborns are not just cute, but they are accompanied by a lot of poop!
Today a funny and gross moment occurred. I was changing Miss G’s wet diaper before I fed her-per our usual routine. Most of the time I just change her on the couch with my legs acting as roll guards. Well this particular time, G decided the moment the old diaper was cleared away and the new one was yet to be placed was the perfect moment to grunt and poop with such force the poop landed on me! I mean my jeans and the poor couch cushion cover had been pooped on!
First thought: So gross.
Second thought: At least it is breast feeding poop so it doesn’t smell that bad-or so I thought. J, who was being a helper, started to gag as I cleaned up the poop.
It was too funny. So those who have had kids and remember this lovely event can have a laugh at my and my jeans expense. For those who have yet to “enjoy” newborn blow-outs, be prepared to hold your breathe and to laugh later.


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