A non-baker’s attempt

First a bit of history in order to fully appreciate this attempt…A few years I attempted to make a birthday cake for my sister. It was suppose to be a chocolate cake with cherry filling. But I was not patient. I figured cake was close enough to cool….wrong! Very wrong. As I put filling on and put top layer on the cake started falling apart. In a horribly wrong thought, I attempted to put the cake back together using frosting as “glue”. Remember cake wasn’t fully cooled. Frosting added weight making it split down the middle. So I added more frosting. A whole container of frosting later, my cake was split in half with a river of chocolate frosting in the middle. It was awful to look at. (Thankfully it still taste good otherwise my sister might not have forgiven me for messing up her birthday cake.)
So back to the point of this post. I decided that J probably deserves a better decorated cake for his 3rd birthday than just a simple frosted carrot cake. Now with the memory of a horrible split cake, I was a bit scared of making him one. More than a non-baker, I am cheap frugal. I couldn’t bring myself to pay for a decorated from a bakery for just us 4. So I made an attempt at a decorated cake….complete with green frosting for grass, graham cracker crumb and chocolate covered pretzels for tracks, and toy trains for decor/presents.


J's cake (with name cut off to protect)

I have to say, it didn’t turn out horrible (I mean it doesn’t have a huge split down the center and it tasted good). But most of all, J loved it. Maybe I will attempt one again for E’s birthday-maybe.


3 thoughts on “A non-baker’s attempt

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