Into the deep end

As a kid I was a tom-boy-type of girl. I preferred to play sports with the boys than dolls with the girls. Yes I had a barbie or two. But memories of my childhood consists mostly of skinned knees and bruises. In high school I did get a bit more girly but still preferred pants and flip-flops to skirts and heels.
So fast forward to having J and E, I was more than comfortable with the rough and tumble and cool blues/greens of boy clothes. Now as soon as it was announced we had a baby girl, I knew friends and family would go nuts with pink. I asked if they would ease into the pink. My mother-in-law and aunt-in-law laughed and said they were going straight for the pinks and purples. And boy did they ever! My laundry piles have been officially invaded with every shade of pink.
But what is worse, Husband has joined them. He threw me into the deep end of pink as he dressed G this morning:


Yup. You are seeing it right. G is decked out in a pink sweater, dark pink with light pink poka dot pants completed with pink and white socks. 
Sigh…I guess time will only tell if G will be a Tom-boy-type or if she dives deeper into the deep end and ends up a little princess. I am trying to prepare myself.


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