The dog

Since this is a blog about being my kids’ mommy I usually don’t mention our dog unless she is part of the kid’s story. But I need to vent…we just celebrated J’s birthday and still had more than a half a cake left over.
Well, we did until I went to pick up stocking stuffers. Our freaking-begs-for-everything-despite-getting-dog-food-everyday dog decided to get the cake off the counter and eat it all! Yup. All of it. Only thing left was the licked clean plate and aluminum foil scraps across the kitchen floor.
To say I was mad was an understatement. After all, kids and I only ate a tiny piece due to it being eight before bedtime and Husband didn’t even get a piece! I know she is a dog. I know dogs can’t seem to resist human food. But geez! Practically a whole cake gone. She is lucky that she didn’t do it before we celebrated. Otherwise her butt would be put outside for a very long time.


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