Unpredictable but good

So I finally gave in to Husband and said ok to a rather big gift for the boys. He has been talking bugging me about getting this particular toy since we got pregnant with J. It was something he wanted as a kid but never got. He coveted his cousin’s even though it was pink and Barbie. I wanted one as a kid. But as adult when I found out the price, I figured only spoiled kids got them.
Well, and the toy is marked as 3years+ and J just barely turned 3 a few days ago.
So, back to the original intent of this post. I finally gave in and agreed that Husband and I would budget/buy the boys the Jeep Power Wheels for Christmas. We had the plans of having it all set up in the living room in front of the tree with random little gifts on the seats. Husband would bring the boys down as I took video/pictures of their reactions…
Well anyone with kids would tell you that best laid plans can be thrown out at a moments notice because of how unpredictable kids are. Our plans were thrown out. J decided that Christmas morning was a great morning to show us he was grown up enough to go downstairs without waking us up first! He managed to change out of his wet pull-up and get underwear on, push all the gifts out of the jeep, play, get cold from being just in underwear and pj shirt, and come back upstairs before he woke me up asking for clothes. To say I was a little disappointed would be understating it. Seeing his reaction was half the reason I agreed to getting it.
That all said, as unpredicted as the wake up went, I still got to see E’s reaction and both boys loved the Jeep. They spent most if not all morning climbing in and out, lining up their new collection of mini rubber duckies on the dash, and asking repeatedly to take it outside.


j and e in jeep

So…you can call them spoiled if you want (I don’t think they are but isn’t that what all parents say). I call them blessed and happy.
I hope your holidays were filled with love and joy.

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