Not my intent

I made a personal choice almost ten years ago to give up beef. It isn’t political or because “the poor cow dies”. I still eat pork, poultry, and seafood. I just had no interest in beef anymore so it was a simple removal. Husband still eats it and I try to cook it every once in awhile.
So it was never my intent to form my kids diets to exclude beef. However just that happened. Tonight for dinner I made two lasagnas-one beef and one vegetarian. I served the kids a little of each. E ate a little of bit of each kind. J didn’t like the vegetarian sauce so he stuck with the beef one…except he very meticulously picked any speck of beef off before taking the bite. As I watched him do this, I was shocked and then realized that when I each things like chili or pizza that has beef I do the exact same thing.
Now this may be just a mimic of how I happen to eat because J will eat a hamburger if we go out to eat at a restaurant. Maybe he will eat it if I continue to put it in front of him. Maybe he won’t. Either way, it was never my intent to pass on my beef aversion.


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