What the heck?!

Ok so I knew getting back to working out would be hard. I knew old ankle injuries might flare up again. I knew I would be sore. I know I am going to have to push through it all to continue on path back to pre-pregnancies or at least to a healthy un-self-conscious place.
But… My freaking hips! I woke up this morning (I started the working out for mud run yesterday) and my hips are killingly sore. My muscles sore-nope. My ankles flaring up-not at all. But my hips-tender and sore.
So now I am trying to remember back to my classes, are my hips sore because I am working out again? Is it combination of postpartum hips shifting back and beginning jogging for the first time in nearly 4 years? 
Either way, I am going to try to push through. I knew it would be tough. I want to be able to chase my kids without getting out of breath. I want to complete the mud run with Husband. I want to be happy with my weight/size. So, sore hips, you can relax and enjoy the jogging cause it isn’t going to stop.


Yummy “healthy” dessert

I never thought I would try it but her picture some me and I had to try it. Look here. I am talking about a deep dish cookie pie. Yup cookie pie made from….garbonzo beans. I made it today and the boys were competing over who would get more of the raw “dough”. And then after it was baked to deliciousness (and dished out half)


It was so good. It just takes like a little under-cooked regular egg and flour based cookie. This was E’s response when I asked if it was good:


And J gave it 2 thumbs up:


I will definitely make it again maybe in individual portion control (muffin pan maybe) because it is so good! Now the ultimate test will be is Husband thinks it is good; he is kinda critical of “diet”desserts. I will update if he tries it. Either way, kids and I will enjoy this in the future.

What is the point?

There are times where I just don’t clean up our living room at the end of the day. I know full well that it will be a disaster area once again within 10 minutes of boys being awake.
In addition to just cleaning the room, I also sometimes don’t bother helping or trying to set up a train track on the train table. For example I took the time the other evening to set up a really cool one (had an extra tunnel for their trains to go through which the boys loved):


This whole set up lasted the whole 30 minutes between set up and going upstairs for baths. This is what it looked like after the boys:


All the pieces are taken apart. I am “lucky” because they had thrown everything across the room but in trying to get them to clean before bath and bedtime J and E put the pieces in a huge pile on top of the table. How gracious of them…not really because I practically had to force them to help.
Oh well. Someday I will have a clean living room, but then I won’t be able to hear the giggles of a toddler or the imaginary stories coming alive in a 3 year old’s mind. I will do the trade off when time takes us there. Until then I will ignore the memory-making-mess and enjoy my kids.

Stick them in water…

I don’t know if you know the saying “if a kid is cranky, stick them in water” or not, but around here it rings true. For us pools and Bathtime can turn whining and crying into giggles and smiles.
Last night while the boys painted the bathtub*, Miss G was not having a very good time. She had missed her normal nap routine and so she was a bit cranky. I decided that despite having a bath the day before, G could take another if it would calm her down.
Sure enough this is what I was greeted with when I put G into her warm bath:


She was so full of smiles it was borderline ridiculous how much her mood changed. It was nice to have all the kids quiet and happy. So witching hours may turn into bath hours just kidding, but in all seriousness it does ease crying almost instantly for my kids.

*-J and E love painting the bathtub with the the homemade paint-one part bubble bath soap to one part cornstarch and a couple drops of food coloring. Then when all the paint is one the walls/toys, water to wash paint away turns into a huge bubble bath.


This is something new to our house. No, not bread in general, but fresh baked bread. Honestly I was scared of making yeast bread. Afraid I would do it wrong and/or that it would be gross.
But I found a recipe for honey wheat bread and that sounded just good enough to attempt. I made the attempt and that picture was the result. It was good and the boys couldn’t even wait for it to cool a bit!
I made 3 mini loafs so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed (the recipe is made that bread is ok to be frozen for later use). The only thing I would say that I have to figure out is that the crust not against greased pan ended up with a floury crust. I think I have to use less when I roll out the dough or shake off more before putting it in the oven. Either way, I am sure this bread won’t last long in our house.
Honey Wheat Bread
3.5-4cups all purpose flour
2.5cups whole wheat flour
2 pots active yeast
1T salt
1cup milk
1cup water
0.5cup honey
3T vegetable oil
1 egg

1. In bowl- combine 1cup ap flour, whole wheat flour, yeast and salt
2. In saucepan, on medium- heat milk, water, honey, and oil just to warm
3. Add milk mixture to flour mix.
4. Add egg to the flour & milk mix. Blend on Low to moistened. Then blend on medium for 3 minutes. Then by hand add in enough of the remaining ap flour to make a firm dough.
5. Kneading dough on a floured surface until elastic (about 5minutes)
6. Place dough in greased bowl and turn once to grease top. Cover and let rise/double in warm place (about 1hour)
7. Divide into parts (2 for regular loaf size; 3 for mini loaf)
8. Roll on floured surface to 14″x17″ for regular loaf size. Roll tightly, pinch ends to seal, and place in greased loaf pan. Cover and let rise/double (about 30minutes)
9. Place in pre-heated 375F degree oven and bake to golden brown (about 35-40minutes)
10. Remove from own and let cool completely.
(To freeze: place in freezer bag and squeeze out all the excess air. Good for 3 months though it probably won’t last that long!)

Even crazier than I thought

The title really says it. I am crazier than I thought. I wrote in my last post that I was going to start working towards running a 5k in April. I also mentioned how Husband is running it with me to keep my butt going during it. Well…
I just agreed pending babysitter availability of course to do a Survivor Mud Run instead. I guess when I told Husband about really wanting to do a 5k and mapping out a routine, Husband started snooping online. He also talked about it with some co-workers. Again pending babysitters all lined up, Husband and I will be joined by a couple of his friends and their girlfriends/wives.
I agreed to doing this mud run rather than the straight and normal 5k because I am crazy but you all knew that already I figure if I am focused on the next obstacle ahead I won’t be focused on the negative comments in my head that come with straight running. Kinda like I don’t really mind running in soccer and basketball because I am focused on the strategy of the game. Hopefully I can get my body in gear and won’t be the weakest link in our group.
I start my exercising on Monday. I have to dig out my exercise clothes from the pre-pregnancy boxes. But I am actually crazy excited to get going, even though I know I will be sore. I want to be able to run around playground with my kids and not feel out of breath.
Hopefully I am this excited in a month when the reality of trying to fit in my exercise with 3 small kids, Husband’s long work hours, and his own exercising sets in.

A little crazy but doing it anyways

So I have never liked straight running or jogging. It always seemed like others talk about it as a way to clear their minds while I am the exact opposite. Every bad self conscious thought comes up when I used to run…your butt and legs are jiggling too much… Why can’t you go faster? You used to call yourself athletic…etc.
But far away are the days of volleyball and basketball practices and games or classes that participation is required for a grade. So now I am faced with the same thing most other former student athletes have to figure out: how to stay motivated to continue exercise. So despite my hate relationship with running, I have decided that I will give myself a deadline and goal of running a 5k. Then I can find the next race to run and continue exercising with that new goal ahead of me. Eventually I want to use it as an excuse to have a healthy girls getaway-or an excuse to visit with my sister and see a new city.
Next week I will start the post-3-pregnancies-in-a-row, couch to 5k work outs. My goal is April 15th to jog in the Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k. (You may have to put up with exercise posts every once in a while. But I will do it. I will prove to myself that I can do this and who cares if my butt jiggles…ok maybe I do, but exercise is the only way to fix that problem.)