Finger paint

As I have posted before, I love doing projects with the boys (and eventually with G too). I also like trying new things like making different homemade paints. We have made finger paint from powder milk, sidewalk paint from cornstarch, and bath paint from dish soap. Today I found a new recipe so we tried it. It consists of only 2 things:  2cups water and 1/2cup cornstarch.
It is super easy to make too. Whisk the water and cornstarch together in a small sauce pan over high heat. Keep whisking until mixture starts to bubble and thicken. Remove from heat and cool. Seperate into smaller dishes and tint with food coloring.
That is it!
I covered the table with newspaper because boys don’t quite keep paint on just white paper provided yet. I also put paint shirts on (the paint washes out but this is for consistency. The boys know for messy things like painting they have to wear the shirts). Then let them have at the paint. J prefers to use a brush while E uses both brush and his hands. Either way they have fun and there are plenty of smiles.


J finger paint smile


E finger paint smile

Seeing these smiles makes all the mess worth it. I hope my kids grow up with memories of painting and crafts…or at least have memories of fun.


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