This morning I tried my hand or should I say spatula at making “designer” pancakes. I learned the how to here and the concept is pretty simple. I mean I had the “well that makes so much sense why didn’t I think of that before” run through my head. So I tried a heart first and it was a mess. I tried another and it came out a little better so then asked J what he wanted me to make. The three year old boy announced he wanted a dinosaur! Way to start small son. I smiled and tried my best to deliver something edible and that looked halfway like a dinosaur. This is what he got…


The things in the mouth are suppose to be teeth. But J recognized the dino-shape and was super excited to eat his pancake.

E ended up with a bug (and ate its head before I could get a picture).

I did learn a couple things this morning. boys don’t have much patience in the morning. They want breakfast pretty much as soon as they walk downstairs. 2. Don’t heat pan on too high of heat in attempt to get boys to stop whining eating sooner. The color batter will be cooked through before you put normal batter on. Either make them night before and reheat if you have impatient kids like mine. Or ignore the whining and keep the pan on medium heat and cook as normal. And lastly, 3. Don’t eat 2 huge pancakes in under 2 minutes in attempts to eat them hit before you have to do yet another thing for your kids (like milk or syrup or washing hands or getting down to play). You just end up eating too much and getting a stomach ache…wait that tip may just be me. Oh well.

If you decide to try it, have fun and eat slow šŸ˜‰ I am sure these will be requested again in my house.


3 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. Oh yeah! I am glad that you tried to make pancakes this way. I like your dinosaur.

    And be careful when you ask the kids what they want on their pancakes, my husband learned this the hard way. šŸ˜‰

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