Bring on the smiles

The one comment or compliment I hear the most when I meet new people is how much I smile. Anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh and smile. I love the smiles that won’t go away because you are so incredibly happy. I love the ones that makes my checks sore from being so big.
On top of that, I love making my kids smile. I do projects with them. I look on blogs and read books on activities to do. I get down to play trucks, make them fly like airplanes on my knees, and log roll across the room as they smile and giggle like crazy. These moments make the stress worth it.
So as much as I love my newborn babies, I look forward to the day that a genuine smile back happens. I love the smile so big it closes the eyes. I got it from G this week. The smile that is real not just gas.


Sorry the picture is a little dark but her smile is so big. I can’t wait for more and more.


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