“The giggle”

Most parents know “the giggle”. It is the giggle kids let out when they are having fun doing what they know full well that they shouldn’t be doing.
For me this is how it tends to go: E super quietly sneaks away and starts doing the bad act; or J shows E how to do the bad act (both usually when I am nursing so I can’t get up right away when I notice they disappear). Then I hear J let out “the giggle”. Followed by E making an even more mischievous “giggle”. That is when I know that they have gotten into trouble.
This bad act ranges from pushing dining chairs over to my kitchen island, climbing up and start throwing dirt from the plant pot into the floor; to spending a bit too long in the bathroom in attempts to flush half a roll of tp. And then there is this:


They pulled every single plastic grocery bag out of the storage cabinet! I keep the bags to recycle and I haven’t deposited them yet so there were a lot. J and E thought it was so funny to then toss the bags up like confetti.
I am already trying to mentally prepare myself for the bad acts that will likely increase in number and intensity as the kids grow older.


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