Still in shock

So it has been 5 weeks and some odd days since Miss G made her debut. I am still honestly in shock. I know she is here because I am wiping her cute tiny newborn bottom and waking up multiple times at night. But I am trying to get over the shock of having a girl.
Ever since Husband and I started talking kids I knew we would have  boys. He comes from a family with mostly boys born so if history repeated we were having boys. So mentally I was prepared for boys. I also grew up more Tom-boyish than princess so having boys felt natural and easy (as easy as the hard job of parenting can be). Most of the talks with Husband of our future family predicted a life of trucks, mud puddles, and stereotypical “boy” stuff.
Now Miss G is in our life, I am trying to re-imagine our family. I know it will get there especially when her personality starts appearing. I now get to look forward to “girly” things too. But then again I am pretty sure I may have a future of being the negotiator between a protective Husband and a growing teenage girl.  It is exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.
I am waiting for the shock to wear off. I get to enjoy a new perspective of parenting I didn’t imagine I would get to have before.


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