Grocery shopping

This is a common thing that pretty much every family has to do. I personally go for a big “refill pantry and frig” shopping trip twice a month and then maybe do a couple in between trips for more milk and fruit.
Now for a long time we had very limited family in the area and Husband works long hours so most of the time I have to do these trips with all kids in tow. Yes, three kids now to schedule around (potty trips, naps, and feedings), keeping them all happy during the trip, making sure to get everything we need, and keeping it all in budget. It is a lot but I still like doing it.
For the pantry fill trips, we look interesting but I have a system that works. We try to go very first thing in the morning. I make oatmeal in paper cups so J and E can have their breakfast while sitting in the front of the shopping cart (it is the double seat in front). G is then in a front infant carrier. I do try to go quick but these trips always have a long list so it does take a bit of time. First trip with all 3 kids took 2.5 hours! J decided halfway through produce that he needed Potty again.
Today I improved on our time to a mere 1.5hours. I was happy with that. I know I could shave off more time but I really like to add learning as we go through the store. We count as I fill the produce bags. We try to name all the different fruits and veggies and what color they are. J can get most of them. E is catching on. We also name the aisle numbers as we head down each one. It is fun to see J’s face light up as he calls off each number.
So as funny as I am sure we look and as long as it takes to get through the store, it is hard for me to even contemplate having a babysitter/family watch the kids so I can get it done faster. How about you? Did you go with your kids or wait until you could go alone? 

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