Painting and future fun

So while I was at Walmart getting diapers and that, I fell victims to the impulse purchase of things they have right at the register. I made the impulse buy of plastic picnic ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles. You know the red and yellow bottles you assume are holding hot dog condiments. The two bottles were $0.95 so not exactly a huge buy, but not a planned one.
I bought them with absolutely no intention of filling them with food toppings. My mind went to how fun they would be as paint squeeze bottles. So while E and G took their naps, J willingly tested out my theory:



I put watered down washable paint (thank you Aunt K for the birthday present). J had fun just squeezing out puddles of paint. Occasionally he would use the paint brush or pick up the paper to make the paint run down the page. He liked it and was very disappointed when all the paint was gone.
While J did have fun with the paint inside, I think these bottles will be saved for a future spring/summer outdoor painting time. I think sidewalk paint will be a better use of these. I can picture the boys squirting paint across the patio. In fact I may even go and pick up a couple more so we can invite friends over for a painting play date.


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