Sorta a review

I don’t know if this is ok but I am doing it anyways…
I we received a gift for G that was so sweet and memorable from one of Husband’s work friends. It was a diaper bassinete and “cinna-buns” (onesie, diaper, and pair of socks rolled up to look like a cute cinnamon roll).
As I took it apart I realized it was the co-worker’s wife who made these too cute of gifts. I have met her on several occasions and can say she is super sweet. I found out that she actually makes these diaper cakes, bassinetes, and other adorable gifts. She then sells them on etsy as supplemental income so she can be a stay-at-home-mom (which you all know I am very supportive of).
So I am writing this review of her adorable, memorable, and practical baby gifts. If you need a baby gift and want something you know the mom will remember and use, check her out here.

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