A little crazy but doing it anyways

So I have never liked straight running or jogging. It always seemed like others talk about it as a way to clear their minds while I am the exact opposite. Every bad self conscious thought comes up when I used to run…your butt and legs are jiggling too much… Why can’t you go faster? You used to call yourself athletic…etc.
But far away are the days of volleyball and basketball practices and games or classes that participation is required for a grade. So now I am faced with the same thing most other former student athletes have to figure out: how to stay motivated to continue exercise. So despite my hate relationship with running, I have decided that I will give myself a deadline and goal of running a 5k. Then I can find the next race to run and continue exercising with that new goal ahead of me. Eventually I want to use it as an excuse to have a healthy girls getaway-or an excuse to visit with my sister and see a new city.
Next week I will start the post-3-pregnancies-in-a-row, couch to 5k work outs. My goal is April 15th to jog in the Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k. (You may have to put up with exercise posts every once in a while. But I will do it. I will prove to myself that I can do this and who cares if my butt jiggles…ok maybe I do, but exercise is the only way to fix that problem.)


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