Even crazier than I thought

The title really says it. I am crazier than I thought. I wrote in my last post that I was going to start working towards running a 5k in April. I also mentioned how Husband is running it with me to keep my butt going during it. Well…
I just agreed pending babysitter availability of course to do a Survivor Mud Run instead. I guess when I told Husband about really wanting to do a 5k and mapping out a routine, Husband started snooping online. He also talked about it with some co-workers. Again pending babysitters all lined up, Husband and I will be joined by a couple of his friends and their girlfriends/wives.
I agreed to doing this mud run rather than the straight and normal 5k because I am crazy but you all knew that already I figure if I am focused on the next obstacle ahead I won’t be focused on the negative comments in my head that come with straight running. Kinda like I don’t really mind running in soccer and basketball because I am focused on the strategy of the game. Hopefully I can get my body in gear and won’t be the weakest link in our group.
I start my exercising on Monday. I have to dig out my exercise clothes from the pre-pregnancy boxes. But I am actually crazy excited to get going, even though I know I will be sore. I want to be able to run around playground with my kids and not feel out of breath.
Hopefully I am this excited in a month when the reality of trying to fit in my exercise with 3 small kids, Husband’s long work hours, and his own exercising sets in.


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