This is something new to our house. No, not bread in general, but fresh baked bread. Honestly I was scared of making yeast bread. Afraid I would do it wrong and/or that it would be gross.
But I found a recipe for honey wheat bread and that sounded just good enough to attempt. I made the attempt and that picture was the result. It was good and the boys couldn’t even wait for it to cool a bit!
I made 3 mini loafs so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed (the recipe is made that bread is ok to be frozen for later use). The only thing I would say that I have to figure out is that the crust not against greased pan ended up with a floury crust. I think I have to use less when I roll out the dough or shake off more before putting it in the oven. Either way, I am sure this bread won’t last long in our house.
Honey Wheat Bread
3.5-4cups all purpose flour
2.5cups whole wheat flour
2 pots active yeast
1T salt
1cup milk
1cup water
0.5cup honey
3T vegetable oil
1 egg

1. In bowl- combine 1cup ap flour, whole wheat flour, yeast and salt
2. In saucepan, on medium- heat milk, water, honey, and oil just to warm
3. Add milk mixture to flour mix.
4. Add egg to the flour & milk mix. Blend on Low to moistened. Then blend on medium for 3 minutes. Then by hand add in enough of the remaining ap flour to make a firm dough.
5. Kneading dough on a floured surface until elastic (about 5minutes)
6. Place dough in greased bowl and turn once to grease top. Cover and let rise/double in warm place (about 1hour)
7. Divide into parts (2 for regular loaf size; 3 for mini loaf)
8. Roll on floured surface to 14″x17″ for regular loaf size. Roll tightly, pinch ends to seal, and place in greased loaf pan. Cover and let rise/double (about 30minutes)
9. Place in pre-heated 375F degree oven and bake to golden brown (about 35-40minutes)
10. Remove from own and let cool completely.
(To freeze: place in freezer bag and squeeze out all the excess air. Good for 3 months though it probably won’t last that long!)


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