Stick them in water…

I don’t know if you know the saying “if a kid is cranky, stick them in water” or not, but around here it rings true. For us pools and Bathtime can turn whining and crying into giggles and smiles.
Last night while the boys painted the bathtub*, Miss G was not having a very good time. She had missed her normal nap routine and so she was a bit cranky. I decided that despite having a bath the day before, G could take another if it would calm her down.
Sure enough this is what I was greeted with when I put G into her warm bath:


She was so full of smiles it was borderline ridiculous how much her mood changed. It was nice to have all the kids quiet and happy. So witching hours may turn into bath hours just kidding, but in all seriousness it does ease crying almost instantly for my kids.

*-J and E love painting the bathtub with the the homemade paint-one part bubble bath soap to one part cornstarch and a couple drops of food coloring. Then when all the paint is one the walls/toys, water to wash paint away turns into a huge bubble bath.


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