What is the point?

There are times where I just don’t clean up our living room at the end of the day. I know full well that it will be a disaster area once again within 10 minutes of boys being awake.
In addition to just cleaning the room, I also sometimes don’t bother helping or trying to set up a train track on the train table. For example I took the time the other evening to set up a really cool one (had an extra tunnel for their trains to go through which the boys loved):


This whole set up lasted the whole 30 minutes between set up and going upstairs for baths. This is what it looked like after the boys:


All the pieces are taken apart. I am “lucky” because they had thrown everything across the room but in trying to get them to clean before bath and bedtime J and E put the pieces in a huge pile on top of the table. How gracious of them…not really because I practically had to force them to help.
Oh well. Someday I will have a clean living room, but then I won’t be able to hear the giggles of a toddler or the imaginary stories coming alive in a 3 year old’s mind. I will do the trade off when time takes us there. Until then I will ignore the memory-making-mess and enjoy my kids.


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