What the heck?!

Ok so I knew getting back to working out would be hard. I knew old ankle injuries might flare up again. I knew I would be sore. I know I am going to have to push through it all to continue on path back to pre-pregnancies or at least to a healthy un-self-conscious place.
But… My freaking hips! I woke up this morning (I started the working out for mud run yesterday) and my hips are killingly sore. My muscles sore-nope. My ankles flaring up-not at all. But my hips-tender and sore.
So now I am trying to remember back to my classes, are my hips sore because I am working out again? Is it combination of postpartum hips shifting back and beginning jogging for the first time in nearly 4 years? 
Either way, I am going to try to push through. I knew it would be tough. I want to be able to chase my kids without getting out of breath. I want to complete the mud run with Husband. I want to be happy with my weight/size. So, sore hips, you can relax and enjoy the jogging cause it isn’t going to stop.


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