A Daddy and his boys

So a couple weeks ago Husband took J and E to the Monster Jam truck show. He was excited to be able to take the boys and get to have some time with them (when they weren’t busy getting ready for bed like usual). I guess J and E’s smiles were pretty good too. These are the picture messages I received while they were away:




Don’t they look cute! I guess E refused to wear the protective ear muffs on his own so Husband had to wait until the show started and got loud before holding them on E.
I can’t wait for more of these precious “Daddy and me” days to happen. The kids still talk about the monster trucks-which for their young minds says a lot. And hey when they have their adventures, I get either alone time or “Mommy and only me” time (you know one on one they don’t get all the time).


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