Exercise and being sick

This is horrible. Only a week into work out routine and I get sick. Now it is just a little head cold, but my nose is so indecisive between congested pressure and a waterfall grossness. Add a relentless headache and that is what I am dealing with. It makes it very hard to get going in the morning enough to drag myself to get a work out in. I don’t really feel up to exercise and don’t want to be that person at the gym people look at with the “why are you here infecting us with those germs” looks. I know those looks. I have given those looks.
But I know I need to continue to at least get moving to ensure I am still working towards my goal and that my new routine isn’t broken. It is just way, way too easy to give the excuse of being sick and blow off exercise. So I dragged my booty out of bed and walked on the treadmill. It wasn’t to the point I was breathing heavy and making my nose pick the waterfall option (which totally gives away that you’re sick). I just got through a hill program on the treadmill. I did my time and then came home and collapsed on the couch trying to relieve the sinus pressure (ya right. The boys would have nothing to do with that. I wasn’t allowed to lay down unless I wanted to be jumped on and eyes pried open with tiny fingers with sharp-need-to-be-trimmed-again-fingernails.)
So, I am still working towards the mud run goal. The mud isn’t going to care if I slacked off. I have to keep going.


2 thoughts on “Exercise and being sick

  1. Serious sympathy – I gotta be up at 530 to work out!! Ick! Also, hips/knees sore and I started over a month ago 😦 I’m now blaming genetics 😉

    • My body can’t de IDE whether to ne site or not. Days I think I would be sore in certain areas I end up not. And then other days I thought I had relatively easy work out I end up sore. Oh well, at least we are getting up to do it right…right?

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