Car wash

J and E are not very patient when they “need” something and I am feeding G.  This is especially true when we get home from somewhere and G needs to be fed immediately.
Today when we got home from the park around lunch time. Boys were hungry and so was G. So to buy some time to quiet the boys while I fed baby, I set up a “car wash” for the trucks they had just driven through the sand box at the park:


J washing cars


E drying train off

They each had a pan of water, a sponge, plenty of cars to clean, and a towel to dry them off. It seriously kept them imagining stories for a good half hour. I heard “bathtime”, “you’re all dirty. Yucky. You need a wash, Thomas”, and “clean up, clean up, it’s time to clean up” (our clean up song).
It was cool that the toys got dirt all rinsed off and that the boys had some fun doing it too.


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