Trying to be good

I realized that we have less than two months before the mud run! That means my work outs have to being more intense working towards that goal. That also means I really have to be good about what I eat so my body can work more efficiently.
So I am trying to start out my lunch and dinners with a healthy salad. This one has been my favorite because I feel like I am splurging:


Mixed dark salad greens with strawberries and topped with a lite raspberry walnut dressing. Yum! Then I will have a serving of whatever protein we have cooked (chicken/pork/fish).
While I am frustrated the scale number hasn’t changed, stupid thing, feel better about my choices and my clothes are slowly changing back from maternity to not.

2 thoughts on “Trying to be good

  1. Ack scales suck. I’ve been working out 2 months with no change! Salad looks yummy – I’m challenging myself to eat vegan for March to mix it up a little. 🙂 so far so good!

    • Vegan, really? There are so many yummy vegan foodies blogging recipes now I bet you eat good. My hardest part is portion control. Oh and coffee. I run on coffee 😉

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