Oh the things kids say

Maybe it is just us, but I doubt it. Now that J is saying more things, Husband asks J to say things just to hear his young voice say something he clearly doesn’t know the meaning of. I do not mean curse words or dirty words. Just funny phrases.
For example, Husband smelt J’s stinky shoes…which J really does have a problem with bare feet and shoes equaling a smelly mess..which really worties me that I should start stocking up on odor eaters as his feet get bigger and smelly-er)… So then Husband told J that his shoes smelt like hot garbage. J then repeated it. “Daddy, hot garbage”.
Well, what we also have now is J’s memory improving as well. Before we could have him repeat something, laugh, and not think of it again. Not anymore. Just tonight,as I brushed the boys’ teeth and reminded J to go Potty before bed, J turned on the bathroom fan and told me “hot garbage”! I was shocked but asked him if he meant it smelt like hot garbage (which it didn’t) and he nodded, turned fan switch off and back on, and said “hot garbage” once again. I could only laugh and remember to tell Husband to be extra careful about what he says.


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