Raising gentlemen (and a lady)

I don’t know about you but I have noticed a lot of people are no longer polite and just plain courteous. When E was 1 month old (which put J at a mere 17 months), I was walking from the parking lot towards a bank. I had J held in one arm and E in his carrier in the other. I was less than 7-8feet away from the door when a man walked out of the bank, saw me, and kept on going-letting the door close behind him. I had to set J down to open the door, keep it propped open with my foot, pick up J once again and walk into the bank. Fine. I could deal with that as that man might have been in a rush. The icing on the un-courteous cake was the woman behind me entering the bank who didn’t help or even offer to help open the door and then had the audacity to do a couple impatient heavy sighs behind me as I wrangled myself and the kids into the bank.
So right then I made a resolution to myself that I would make sure that my kids are polite (saying please and thank you) and courteous (opening doors or helping someone struggling). As babies, I taught J and E simple sign language to start this resolution. They both are proficient at signing please and thank you. As they grow older I will teach them how and why it is important to open doors for other people or help in general.
I also try my very best to be a role model for them. I noticed that something must have sunk in-you know beyond the “what do you say?”- because the other day
J said “no thank you” when he didn’t want the snack I offered him. I was kinda in shock that he said it so clearly that I asked him if he was sure. He nodded and said “Yup. No thanks Mom”. I was so proud.
I hope that Husband and I can continue to raise our kids to be polite, courteous gentlemen and lady.


2 thoughts on “Raising gentlemen (and a lady)

  1. So cute!!
    Just make sure they understand it’s courtesy not about gender. Working in a building full of people who refuse to go through a door a girl is holding gets really really old.

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